In this Video, the Doc shows you how to transfer your starter plug into a larger grow pot. He uses a Coir Soil mixture under and around the Starter Plug. Coir prevents the soil from turning to mud, but instead it will keep the soil nice and moist. Be sure to put some of the Coir mixture at the bottom of your new grow pot, since the roots need the room to grow down. You want the soil to be equal to the top of the roots or at the same level as the starter plug.



Okay I have a starter plug here I use this to take a clone so I’m going to put this in the soil now. You don’t want to bury this all the way down at the bottom. So I’m going to put a little soil I have a cloth oil mixture here.

You’re going to put this in here so that the plug can sit on it. I’m going to hold the plug up and force the soil around it and you’re going to want to gently pack that soil down. You don’t want any air pockets in your soil because that’s going to dry out excessively and roots can’t grow in air pockets so gently pack the soil down. Maybe I had a little more. After you do that you want to make the soil level about equal with the top of the plug. You want to keep the roots under the soil and the leaves above the soil to look like that. You’re done now after you put your cutting in here the cuttings gonna have small underdeveloped bruise you want to keep the soil moist not soaking wet but you want to keep it moist don’t let it dry out because that could lead to this plant dying with a small root system. So keep the soil moist don’t let it dry out don’t make it soaking wet keep it moist and that should really help your cutting. success after you transplant

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