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HTG Supply is your go-to growing store in Maine. We carry hydroponic and indoor growing supplies from industry-leading brands at affordable prices for a great value. Whether you are a new or experienced grower, we have products for every skill level. Our supplies can be used for many types of plants at any stage of their development, making us a one-stop shop for your growing needs.

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HTG Supply Portland
178 Rand Rd
Portland, ME 04102

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HTG Supply Portland
178 Rand Rd
Portland, ME 04102

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More About Our Hydroponics Store

Essential Indoor Garden Equipment

We carry all the equipment necessary to set up your indoor grow space, including:

  • Grow tents: A grow tents acts as a self-contained greenhouse within your home. These structures help you regulate temperature, keep out contaminants and capture plant odors for an ideal grow area. We sell grow tents in numerous sizes so you can find a solution for any space, whether it’s a closet or a small room. Choose between individual tents or grow tent kits that come with lighting.
  • Grow lights: HTG Supply has the powerful lighting solutions you need to optimize plant growth. Our grow light selection includes T5, high-pressure sodium (HPS), metal halide (MH), ceramic metal halide (CMH) and light-emitting diode (LED) lights available in complete systems or individual bulbs. We also supply ballasts, hoods and reflectors for do-it-yourself setups.
  • Hydroponics: Whether you are looking to build your own hydroponic garden, add more parts to your existing setup or purchase a complete system in one convenient package, you will find the hydroponic solutions you need in our large inventory. We carry deep water culture (DWC), ebb and flow, aeroponic and drip irrigation systems.

High-Quality Growing Supplies

Your plants need premium supplies to ensure optimal health and growth. Our selection includes:

  • Soil and growing mediums: For premium soils, soilless media and amendments, HTG Supply has the natural products you are looking for. We stock all the top brands of growing mediums, including CANNA, General Hydroponics and FoxFarm. You can choose from individual quantities or bulk options depending on the size and needs of your growing operation.
  • Pest control: Indoor gardens are prone to infestations from insects like spider mites and whiteflies. They can also develop diseases such as blight and powdery mildew caused by fungi. When you use our insecticides and fungicides as part of your integrated pest management (IPM), you can eliminate these issues and prevent new ones from developing.
  • Nutrients: HTG Supply has one of the best selections of hydroponic and indoor growing nutrients on the market. We sell base nutrients, enhancers, conditioners, organic products and supplements made by top brands for quality you can count on.

Visit Our Grow Store in Maine

If you are looking for a Maine hydroponics store, stop by HTG Supply in Portland. When you choose to buy your supplies from HTG Supply, you get:

  • Expert staff that knows how to grow
  • Commercial and home grower service
  • Educational resources and workshops
  • In-store living demos
  • Loyalty Program

When you visit the store, you can sign up for your HTG Supply Loyalty Card to earn points on your purchases for future discounts. You can also drop in on Free-Tea Tuesdays to try our famous Stump Tea compost tea free of charge with no purchase required. We hold in-store events frequently, so follow us on social media to stay in the loop.

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