HTG Supply Portland

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Mon-Sun: 10:00am-6:00pm

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HTG Supply Portland
178 Rand Rd
Portland, ME 04102


HTG Supply Hydroponics & Grow Lights – New England’s #1 Hydro Shop!

HTGSupply hydroponics and grow lights is the biggest and best Hydroponics Supply store in Maine. HTG Supply is located at 178 Rand Rd, Portland Maine and has the largest supply of indoor gardening products at the lowest prices. Our friendly and helpful experts can assist any grower from the beginner to the professional. HTGSupply is the best grow shop in Portland and has a huge stock of grow lights including LED grow lights, also: hydroponic equipment, hydroponic supplies, grow tents and everything needed to make your garden green. Stop by the store for Free-Tea Tuesdays! Just bring a jug, and we’ll top it off with our famous Stump Tea compost tea free of charge – every Tuesday at the store – no purchase necessary. Plus, sign up for an HTG Supply Loyalty Card and earn reward points on all of your in-store purchases that you can use to cash in on grow room gear! Feel free to call or email us for more details!

Take the HTG Supply Portland grow shop virtual tour to browse our shelves before you stop. Read on below for more about our products and brands!

HTG Supply offers amazing deals with everyday low pricing, and will always beat any locally advertised price. For the organic gardeners, we are OMRI friendly. HTGSupply carries a wide variety of organic nutrients, pesticides, and organic soils – letting you have tons of options for your plants. Our shelves are always stocked with soils and mediums including Ocean Forest Fox Farms Soil, Roots 707 Soil Mix, and Pro Mix BX / ProMix HP.

If gardening indoors is your thing, then stop by and check out what High Tech Garden Supply specializes in. HTGSupply offers the biggest selection and best prices on top-quality grow lights. We carry every type of grow light including HPS grow lights and MH grow lights including 400 watt, 600 watt, 1000 watt standard and 1000 watt double ended HPS, T5 fluorescent grow lights and new state of the art LED grow light systems, CMH & light emitting ceramic LEC grow lights, and more! HTG Supply has a complete line of hydroponic supplies, including reservoirs, nutrients, chillers, timers, controllers, PH/EC equipment, pots and much more. Looking to enrich your indoor garden with CO2 equipment? HTGSupply has got you covered with CO2 tanks, CO2 regulators, co2 generator burners and automated controllers. We will even swap your empty CO2 tanks for new, refilled units. Looking for growing containers? We stock every size and type of nursery pot, grow bag, smart pot, and bucket you will need for gardening indoors.

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HTG Supply has every type of reflective film needed for indoor grow room areas, including black & white poly / Panda Film, mylar and Diamond Foil. We also have the area’s largest selection of grow tents and drying nets. We stock portable AC units, fans and all the accessories in between. At High Tech Garden Supply, you’ll find quality organic & synthesized grow products, including fertilizers, nutrients, supplements and additives from Heavy 16, Botanicare, Foxfarm, General Hydroponics, Roots Organic and Advanced Nutrients as well as all the other top brands. HTG Supply has all the garden soils, coco fiber, rockwool and soilless mixes you will need for hydroponic and non-hydroponic growers, including Ocean Forest, Happy Frog, Roots 707, Roots Coco Palms, ProMix BX or HP, and more. It is our goal to help every gardener obtain a better green thumb.

HTG Supply’s friendly and knowledgeable staff are also experienced gardeners and can offer valuable advice and tips on how to make your gardens more successful and productive. Come on in to hydroponic & grow light supply store in Portland for our “Free Compost Tea Tuesdays”. You bring the jug & we’ll fill it up with our special compost tea blend for your plants, free!

HTG Supply is the #1 grow supply store / hydro shop in Maine and will have what you need! Stop on by our Portland, Maine grow shop location & let our friendly & knowledgeable and experienced gardening staff help you with all of your indoor garden & outdoor garden, hydroponic or soil growing needs!

HTG Supply Portland is a proud distributor of: Advanced Nutrients, Age Old Organics, AgroMax, Aptus Plant Tech, Atami, Aurora Innovations, Bluelab, Botanicare, Can Filter, CAP, Clonex, Digital Greenhouse, Doktor Doom, Earth Juice, Einstein, Emerald Harvest, Emerald Triangle Exhale, Eye Hortilux, EZ Clone, Fiskars, FoxFarm, GE, General Hydroponics,General Organics, Grodan, GrowBright, GROZONE, Hanna Instruments, Heavy 16, High Yield, Lighting, Hormex, House & Garden, HTGSupply, Hydrofarm, Hygrozyme, Light Rail, Olivia’s, Ona, Organic Rescue Mist, Osram, Phat Sacks, Physan 20, Pro-Mix, PURE, Rhizoflora, Rock Nutrients, Roots Organics, Serenade, SunMaster, Superthrive, Technaflora, The Guano Company, Uvonair, and many other fine brands!