4.5 x 4.5 Large Grow Kit Combos

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Our 4.5 x 4.5 grow kit combos deliver outstanding value with big savings on top of the line growing equipment. Measuring 55″ wide x 55″ deep x 79″ high, the AgroMax 4.5 x 4.5 Large tent is packed with premium features including multiple 6″/8″ & 4″ vent ports, an EZ View window, waterproof floor liner, all-steel frame and a 680D ballistic nylon skin. We’ve packaged this great tent with the best value, most popular and best performing lighting/ventilation parings – each at a discounted price. Save on your first setup or next upgrade with one of our combos, whether you’re looking for a budget grow kit or the top of the line!

Each kit includes: Agromax 4.5 x 4.5 Large tent, complete grow light, ventilation system*
Best Value: 1000w HPS grow light / 6″ high-velocity ventilation
Most Popular: 1000w air-cooled HPS & MH grow light / 6″ fan and filter system
Best Performance: AgroMax AFS 1830 full-spectrum LED grow light/ 6″ XXL fan and filter system with speed control


*Price and components vary



4.5 x 4.5 Large Grow Kit Tent Combos

A grow tent, grow light, and ventilation are the 3 key pieces of equipment for any indoor grow tent setup. Each of these items should be selected with the other two in mind to ensure a proper growing environment. If you’re looking for the essentials you’ll need in order to start growing your own or an easy upgrade to the core components of your existing garden, take advantage of one of these great combo deals. We’ve assembled these packages to give you the absolute best value, most popular, or best performing options.

Best Value Combo
The best value package is configured to give you the lowest price on the items needed for success. It pairs the tried and true HTG Supply 1000w HPS Grow Light system with a 6″ high-velocity fan kit to give you plenty of power to fill up this tent with plants and the ventilation needed to maintain a healthy environment. Lighting system highlights include dimmable ballast control, enhanced spectrum horticultural bulb, and high-frequency lamp drive for higher output and longer lamp life.

• AgroMax 4.5 x 4.5 Large Grow Tent
• HTG Supply 1000w HPS Grow Light System
• 6″ High-Velocity Fan Kit

Most Popular Combo
The most popular package features the top lighting and ventilation picks for the 4×4 tent. Air-Cooled 1000w grow lights have been a perennial favorite of growers with large grow tents thanks to their raw growing power. This package features the AgroMax 1000w HiF dimmable digital ballast bundled with the massive Big Kahuna 6 air-cooled hood, an enhanced spectrum 1000w HPS bulb, and a 1000w MH bulb for vegetative growth, making it a perfect fit for full-term growth in a 4×4 tent. Ventilation for the most popular kit is also upgraded to the GrowBright 6″ fan and carbon filter combo to provide odor control in addition to ventilation. All of the ducting and connections needed to integrate light cooling and ventilation are included for easy setup.

• AgroMax 4.5 x 4.5 Large Grow Tent
• AgroMax Air-Cooled HiF 1000w HPS/MH Grow Light System
• GrowBright 6″ Fan & Carbon Filter Combo

Best Performance Combo
If you’re looking for the best, this bundle provides ultimate performance and convenience with the ideal systems for a 4.5 x 4.5 grow tent. The AgroMax AFS 1830 LED grow light takes its name from its advanced-full-spectrum and 1830 µmol/s output. It features full-spectrum Samsung LM561C – 5630 chips combined with supplemental red, blue, IR and UV chips to drive maximum plant growth and potency with incredible efficiency. This is one of the absolute best lights for growing indoors in any application. The performance bundle also includes the GrowBright 6″ XXL Fan/Filter combo with the reversible XXL 6″ filter for extended filter life and speed controller to dial in the perfect level of airflow. All ductwork needed is included for easy installation. Get your trimming muscles ready because this combo is primed to produce big-time yields!

• AgroMax 4.5 x 4.5 Large Grow Tent
• AgroMax AFS 1830 LED Grow Light System
• GrowBright 6″ Tall Boy Fan & Filter Combo with Speed Control