Alchemist Stout MSA Monosilicic Acid – 55 Gallon


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Alchemist's Stout MSA is the most bio-available form of silicon on the market designed for ultimate results. Stout MSA contains Monosilic acid, which unlike potassium silicate and other forms of silicon is 100% bioavailable. Not only is it immediately available to plants but it also fares well under a wide range of pH levels and will not gel under acidic conditions. Stout MSA creates healthier plants by improving resistance to environmental stressors, water and nutrient uptake, and helps regulate Stomatal Conductance in plants.

  • Contains Monosilicic acid (H4SiO4)
  • Application rate: 5ml per gallon
  • Size: 55 gallon

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Alchemist Stout MSA Monosilicic Acid

Monosilicic acid (H4SiO4 aka ortho-silicic acid), the form found in Stout™ MSA, is the most bioavailable form of silicon. Stout™ MSA is immediately available to your plants and is stable over a larger pH range when compared to other silicon sources like potassium or sodium silicates (ex: will not gel under acidic conditions). This allows for more predictable delivery of silicon to your plants’ tissues, which is important since silicon is immobile and therefore needs to be constantly supplied for maximum results. Stout™ MSA increases stem and leaf strength allowing the plant to better support dense flowers and fruits. Available silicon is also well-documented to alleviate stress from heat, drought, and frost damage.
User-friendly application rates of 5 mL per gallon makes it easier to use with dosers and injectors.


  • Help improve resistance to stress (Heat, Cold, and High Salinity)
  • Create thicker cell structure, branches, and stems
  • More uniform plant growth and lateral branching
  • Improves uptake and absorption of nutrients
  • Helps regulate Stomatal Conductance (transpiration)
  • Improves germination process
  • Produce healthier plants with higher yields’

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