Athena Pro Balance pH Up

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Athena Pro Balance is a densely-concentrated pH-up solution for professional grow operations. Pro Balance is designed to be used with advanced dosing systems such as the Netaflex and Dosatron. It's formulated with potassium carbonate which flows through the venturis smoothly without clogging. This water-soluble formula allows growers to adjust the strength of the solution, mix rates stem from 0.25-1 lb per gallon of water depending on the level of pH adjustment needed.

  • Contains potassium carbonate
  • Mix rates: 0.25-1 lb per gallon
  • Size: 10 & 25 lb box

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Athena Pro Balance pH Up

Athena Pro Balance is a powered water-soluble pH up for the professional cultivator design specifically for use with advanced fertigation systems like Dosatron and Netaflex.  Athena Pro Balance allows the grower to customize the strength of their pH adjustment to their unique situation. Pro Balance concentrate may be mixed at a rate of 0.25 – 1 lb. per gallon. Adjust the mix rate and injection rate depending on the amount of pH adjustment required.


Always wear protective gear when handling. Mix as a concentrate at 0.25 – 1 lb. per gallon (40 – 120 grams per liter) in clean water. Dose as needed to raise fertilizer solution to target pH. Calibrate your pH meter before measuring for best accuracy. Mixing Pro Balance causes a thermal reaction that heats the solution while mixing. Allow time to fully mix and cool before using concentrate.

See Pro Balance SOP for further details and instructions.



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