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Bio Flores by BIOCANNA is a natural additive that promotes optimal blooms. Bio Flores is rich in minerals derived from fermented plant materials. Bio Flores is part of the BIOACANNA division of CANNA that produces quality, 100% organic products. Bio Flores is designed to be used during the blooming phase, and should be used manually.

  • (2-2-5)
  • Contains necessary minerals from fermented plant materials
  • Promotes maximized blooms

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Bio Flores was developed for the blooming phase of plants. Bio Flores is made of fermented plant material it provides many of the necessary minerals in the correct proportions.

In addition to these minerals, the fermented plant material also contains substances such as Betaine nitrogen and many amino acids, which provide the plant with extra blooming power.

CANNA BioFlores is composed of hops extracts and pH-buffering fruit acids. This unique composition allows the necessary minerals for the healthiest of plant growth to be provided in the perfect proportions. Easy and ready to use, due to the inclusion of fruit acids in this product, you need not acidify the nutritional solution. These fruit acids create a wider nutrient absorption range across the pH scale – up to pH 7.0 – as they act as natural chelates. Before use, shake bottle thoroughly. Once properly shaken, mix 30 milliliters to 40 milliliters of product per every 10 liters of water. Use this solution immediately when you first see signs of flowering and / or fruiting. After first one, apply this solution once to three times each week.



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