Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Bloom Soil

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Pure Blend Pro Bloom Soil by Botanicare is a base nutrient designed specifically for the blooming stage of growth for plants growing in soil. Pure Blend Pro Bloom Soil is a liquid formula and is rich in phosphorus and nutrients for blooming, fruiting, and flowering plants. Pure Blend Pro Bloom Soil also feeds beneficial microorganisms. Pure Blend Pro Soil assists your plants in developing quality yields.  

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Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Bloom Soil

The Pure Blend Pro series includes natural and organic-based, easy-to-use, one-part, base nutrients. Each water-soluble formula has been carefully crafted to increase flavors, aromas, and terpenes in your crops.

Pure Blend Pro includes a blend of natural minerals and organic extracts plus the essential macro and micronutrients your plants need for vigorous growth, and top-shelf bud and flower formation.
Fishmeal, composted seabird guano, kelp, humic acid, and many more essential ingredients are ideal for enhancing flavors and aromas in your high-value crop while their soluble form encourages fast nutrient uptake and increased growth rates.


A premium, bloom, base nutrient designed specifically for plants cultivated in soil with sources of essential major and secondary elements plus trace minerals from the land and sea. Additional ingredients specifically for the blooming stage encourage the vigorous development of top-shelf buds, fruits, and flowers.

Cultivating plants in soil requires higher phosphorus levels to offset clay colloidal particles that bind up phosphorous, and to offset soil microbes that compete for the phosphorous. This formula provides additional phosphorus and nutrients for blooming, fruiting and flowering plants while also feeding the microorganisms.


Bloom Soil: Nitrogen 1.0%, Phosphate 4.0%, Potash 5.0%, Ca 1.0%, Mg 0.5%


Recommended application rates are listed on the product labels, pre-developed recipes, and nutrient calculator at If growing in nutrient-fortified potting soil or using supplements, reduce application rate by 25%. If using reverse osmosis water and or in coco coir, it’s recommended to add 5 ml of Cal-Mag Plus per gallon of water. Use with every watering.

Use with Hydroplex, Cal-Mag Plus, Rhizo Blast, Sweet, Hydroguard, and Liquid Karma.



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