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Cutting Edge Solutions Uncle John's Blend is the product of years of research into what is required to build flavor and aroma in aromatic plants. They discovered that in trace amounts manganese, and zinc play a key role in building both a strong aroma and taste. Then they complexed these two elements along with potassium and iron to create an elixir that will promote bulking and ripening, improving fragrance and flavor.    

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Cutting Edge Solution Uncle John’s Blend 0-0-2

Uncle John’s Blend supplies potassium along with iron in a unique and proprietary formula. Potassium activates enzymes essential for plant growth reproduction and carbohydrate metabolism. Uncle John’s Blend is formulated for use in hydroponics, soilless, continuous feed, drain to waste, and for use in soil. Use as a foliar spray to reduce transplanting stress and to correct potassium deficiencies in flowering plants.

Uncle John’s Blend can be applied at every watering in conjunction with any Cutting Edge Solutions products, or other commercial hydroponic nutrients.

Additional Benefits:

  • Promoting a better cure
  • Maintain a freshly harvested appearance
  • Helps in retaining a strong fragrance after harvest

Directions for Use

Uncle John’s Blend is designed for use in hydroponics, soilless, continuous feed, drain-to-waste, and for use in soil-growing applications.

This is a highly concentrated solution. Never mix undiluted concentrates, as this may result in nutrient lock-up. Add each nutrient consecutively, allowing ample time for each concentrate used to thoroughly dilute and mix into the water. If preparing a nutrient stock tank, to be used over a period of time exceeding 24 hours, you must aerate the nutrient reservoir regularly.

Shake well and measure carefully using a milliliter measuring cup. If using Micro 6-0-0, add Micro 6-0-0 first to water, then other nutrients. After nutrients are mixed in water, adjust pH to 4.5-6.5. If your pH naturally falls within these parameters, pH adjustment is not necessary.

Monitor ppm and EC in a reservoir and top off with fresh water as needed. The reservoir temperature should be 60-68 degrees F.

Do not store product in direct sunlight. Do not freeze.

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Potassium (K) 2.0%
  • Derived from Potassium Sulfate Iron (Fe) 0.1%
  • Derived from Ferrous Sulfate




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