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Cutting Edge Solutions Plant Amp




Plant Amp is Cutting Edge Solution’s finest bioavailable calcium supplement. Calcium plays an important role in plant growth as it promotes the metabolic processing of macro and nutrients, a calcium deficiency is detrimental as it creates nutrient lockout. Plant Amp is a dual-purpose formula that not only stops deficiencies in their track but also prevents future deficiencies from occurring. Formulated for use in hydroponics, soilless, continuous feed, and for use in soil.


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Cutting Edge Solutions Plant Amp

Plant Amp™ supplies calcium in a soluble formula that optimizes passive uptake by the plant. Calcium is essential in metabolic processing of nutrients and the functioning of enzymes and hormones. Calcium strengthens cell walls to improve resistance to heat stress and diseases.

Plant Amp™ is formulated for use in hydroponics, soilless, continuous feed, drain to waste, and for use in soil. Plant Amp™ can be applied at every watering in conjunction with any of Cutting Edge Solutions® products, or other commercially available hydroponic nutrients.

NOTE: There is a nuance of Plant Amp™ that is sure to cause some questions from first-time users regarding pH drops after adding it to a reservoir. Plant Amp™ is derived from organic acids, which will cause a pH drop to around 4 right after mixing, this is essentially a “false” reading. This drop is not caused by a corrosive, strong-bonded acid such as phosphoric acid, and will rise on its own after 24 hours as it breaks down. It is perfectly okay to water with the fertilizer solution immediately after mixing, it will not harm the plant material or negatively interact with the availability of the other fertilizer elements. If a gardener is starting with a low pH source water (typical of R/O water), we recommend adjusting to 7 before adding any fertilizers to the reservoir.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Calcium (Ca):………………………..1.0%

Derived from Calcium Chloride



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