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Bio Balancer by CX Horticulture is an organic additive that feeds the beneficial bacteria in inert media and growing systems. By feeding these beneficial bacteria, Bio Balancer helps to prevent common root diseases. In addition to the protective advantages, Bio Balancer has the ability to enhance beneficial bacteria blooms and nutrient absorption.  

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Bio Balancer is a microbial solution used to activate growing systems while combating root disease by providing food for the beneficial bacteria in your system.

Sterile gardening systems are wide open to attack from predatory microorganisms that when left unchallenged will overrun your system and destroy your crop. Use Bio Balancer in the first instance to tip the balance in your favor by creating and maintaining a population of beneficial microorganisms that will protect your system by stopping the bad guys from taking hold.

  • Biologically activates inert media and growing systems
  • Boosts disease resistance and nutrient uptake
  • Suppresses development of predatory organisms
  • Stimulates blooms of beneficial bacteria

Use Bio Balancer to provide the ultimate food for the beneficial bacteria in your system to ensure you have the best growing conditions for your plants!

Directions: Shake well before use. In run to waste systems use 1ml/L. In recirculating systems use 1ml/4L. Use throughout vegetative and flowering period.


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