Hygrozyme Hyshield

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Unleash your plants' hidden potential with Hygrozyme Hyshield. This natural, chitosan-based plant immunity booster tricks your plants into supercharging their defenses against pests and pathogens. By triggering natural responses, Hyshield strengthens cell walls, boosts essential oil production, and maximizes yield. Enjoy healthier, more resilient plants with thicker stalks and the confidence of ISO-certified quality.  

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Hygrozyme Hyshield

HYSHIELD™, part of the HYGROZYME® product family, is a natural plant immunity booster made from chitosan, which is derived from the exoskeletons of crab shells. Plant cell walls have specific receptors that detect the presence of chitosan.

HYSHIELD™ tricks the plant into thinking it’s being attacked by bugs, and as a result it ups its auto-immune system, keeping pathogens and pests at bay. The proprietary formula triggers the plant’s natural defense responses which increases essential oil production and maximizes yield potential. HYSHIELD™ also boosts the overall health and strength of your plants, resulting in thicker stalks that work to support a larger canopy.

HYSHIELD™ provides the following benefits:

  1. Unlocks the true genetic potential of your plant’s growth and potency.
  2. Reduces transpiration, increasing the plant’s resilience to a variety of environmental factors, including high heat and cold stress environments.
  3. Most effective when used from seed germination or cloning, and applied as a foliar through veg, switching to root drench application in flower.

All products in the HYGROZYME® family are produced in our ISO 9001-certified facility, guaranteeing high-quality products and absolute consistency every time, in every product.

Application Notes:

  • SEEDLING/CUTTING: 1 mL/L (3.8 mL/Gal) as a drench or soak the grow plug. VEG: 1 mL/L (3.8 mL/Gal) for Week 1 and then increase to 5 mL/L (18.9 mL/Gal) USAGE: Foliar spray once a week with the lights off. BLOOM: 5 mL/L (18.9 mL/Gal) USAGE: Root drench once a week. Effective in all growing media and growth stages.
  • Enhances flower development and growth.
  • Reduces transpiration without lower crop output.
  • Improves overall plant health and plant survival through environmental stress.



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