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Coco A and B by CX Horticulture is a two-part nutrient system used to promote vigorous plant growth. CX Horticulture's Coco A and B are designed to be used with coco peat bases or potting soils. CX Coco A and B have been carefully crafted to not overdo or underdo the level of elements fed to the plants using this nutrient system; creating the optimal mixture for plant growth.

  • A (2-0-1) and B (1-4-4)
  • Contains nitrogen and potash

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Gain unrivaled success with the best balanced coco base nutrients available today!

Put yourself into the winner’s circle today. CX is the tool to use to get the best possible yields from your crop. A superbly balanced nutrient with all of the macro and micro elements present in the same ratios that plants use them, CX Coco base nutrients are designed to mesh seamlessly with any coco peat regime.

Our agronomists have taken account of the minerals already present, and lacking, in coco peat and potting soils and designed the perfect nutrient that fits your plant’s requirements.

Using CX Coco base nutrients are a very simple; basically plug-and-play. When you use CX Coco base nutrients using the brand’s feed chart, you will experience unrivaled growing!


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