CYCO Silica


Silica by Cyco is a stem-strengthening additive used to build a foundation that can support the weight of full fruits. Silica is incredibly helpful and necessary in hydroponic systems. Silica also helps plants absorb more light, so it ultimately improves the plant’s growth rate. Silica contains potassium silicate and potash.

  •  (0-0-3) 
  • Strengthens the stems of plants
  • Useful in hydroponic growing


Cyco Silica benefits include greater tolerance to Environmental stresses and improved growth rate.

  • Encourages strong enough stems to support full fruit
  • Helps to uptake available light.
  • Growing in hydroponic mediums, silica is essential.


  • Add solution 1-2 ml per litre in nutrient tank. Test PH and TDS
  • (adjust to normal levels if needed).

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