Dyna-Gro Neem Oil

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100% Pure Organic Cold-Pressed Neem Oil

Dyna-Gro's® Pure Neem Oil comes directly from the seeds of Indian neem tree. Pure Neem Oil targets over 400 varieties of insects and is an important part of an integrated pest management strategy. It is a biodegradable, fast-acting insect bio-inhibitor. The oil is absorbed by the pests and interferes with reproduction and feeding for a steady decline in population.

  • In India, products from the neem tree have been used for thousands of years for a variety of applications including their horticultural and medicinal benefits.
  • Neem Oil leaf polish should be applied early or late in the day as hot sunlight may cause leaf burn.
  • Neem Oil may be applied as a foliar spray.
  • A mild dish washing liquid soap or other surfactants should be used to emulsify Neem Oil so it can be sprayed on plants.
  • Warm or hot water will facilitate getting Neem Oil into suspension for a spray.

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Neem oil is pressed from the seed of the neem tree (Azadiracta indica Juss). This tree, native to eastern India and Burma, is known by several names including “village pharmacy”, “cornucopia”, “wonder tree”, and “the veritable gold mine”. Neem leaves, stems, seeds and oil have been used for medicinal and other purposes in India for more than 4,000 years. In fact, its Sanskrit name, arishta, means “reliever of sickness”.

Natural Leaf Polish

Neem oil leaves a natural shine on leaves without clogging stomata that leaves need to take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen and water vapor essential to the basic functioning of the photosynthesis process. Many of the glossy leaf polishes, which give an unnatural appearance to leaves, actually interfere with these natural transpiration processes.

Directions For Use

Mix 1 1/2 to 2 teaspoons of neem oil per quart of water (1 to 1 1/2 oz per gallon) to make a spray mix. Add about 1/4 to 1/2 this amount of mild dishwashing liquid soap or other surfactant to get the oil to emulsify in water. Warm or hot tap water will make this process easier. Put this mixture in a trigger spray bottle or other sprayer, shaking well before each use to get the oil in suspension. Since many find the smell of neem oil unpleasant, vanilla extract or peppermint oil can be used to mask the scent. You may also use Dr. Bronner’s Soap® with peppermint oil already mixed to accomplish both aims, emulsifying and masking the scent.

Spray on leaves until the mixture runs off to wash dust and dirt from leaves. Then allow the mixture to dry leaving a natural appearing semi gloss look on the leaves. Leaves may be cleaned and polished in this manner as often as twice a month if necessary.



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