Emerald Harvest Emerald Goddess

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Emerald Harvest's Emerald Goddess is an invigorating plant tonic brimming with natural ingredients such as alfalfa and kelp seaweed extracts, vitamin B, and humic acid. Sourced with the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer, Emerald Goddess encourages strength, vitality, and productivity for beautiful luscious plants. Can be used for foliar feeding or as a root drench throughout grow cycle.  

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Emerald Harvest Emerald Goddess Plant Tonic

Nurture your valuable crops with Emerald Goddess, an invigorating plant tonic from Emerald Harvest brimming with some natural ingredients such as alfalfa meal and kelp seaweed extract. Emerald Goddess contributes macronutrients, vitamin B1, and humic acid, which may increase micronutrient uptake. This hand-mixed formulation encourages strength and vitality in your high-yield gardens.

Use Emerald Goddess throughout the crop life cycle for guaranteed professional results.


  • Natural biocatalysts that encourage fast growth and flowering
  • Building blocks for plants to bud and bloom abundantly
  • Increased nutrient uptake and root development


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Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Total Nitrogen (N)…………………………. 2.0%
    • 0.1% ammoniacal nitrogen
    • 0.8% nitrate nitrogen
    • 0.1% other water soluble nitrogen
    • 1.0% urea nitrogen
  • Available phosphate (P2O5) ………….. 1.0%
  • Soluble potash (K2O) …………………… 4.0%

Derived from potassium nitrate, monopotassium phosphate, urea, kelp extract and alfalfa meal.

Also contains non-plant food ingredients:

  • 0.1%…….. humic acid derived from leonardite
  • 0.01%……. vitamin B1, (thiamine) derived from thiamine mononitrate


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