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Enzymes Komplete Natural Enzyme Cleaner




Enzymes Komplete is a wide-spectrum natural enzyme cleaner that is safe to use on plants and all throughout the garden. A distinctive blend of enzymes combined with a fresh minty smell, Enzymes Komplete’s formula cleans away dead organic matter from the environment without eliminating the good bacteria, microbial, and fungi that reside in your garden. Use Enzymes Komplete to clean growing media, hydroponic systems, drip emitters, water pumps and reservoirs, equipment, and general maintenance.

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Enzymes Komplete Natural Enzyme Cleaner

Enzymes Komplete is a wide-spectrum natural enzymatic cleaner with a mint twist.  It is uniquely designed to clean, cleanse and recondition.

Enzymes Komplete Natural Enzymatic Cleaner is the cleaning solution for your entire garden. Use Enzymes Komplete Natural Enzymatic Cleaner for reconditioning growing media; for treating chemical, nutrient, and salts lockout; for cleaning and cleansing your garden’s soilless systems, water equipment, cloning machines, and trimming machines; and for general maintenance.

Gardens come in all sizes, so Enzymes Komplete™ Natural Enzymatic Cleaner does too! It’s available in a broad range of sizes to suit your garden’s needs. Because it’s so concentrated, Enzymes Komplete™ Natural Enzymatic Cleaner lets you do so much with so little.

Enzymes Komplete™ Natural Enzymatic Cleaner Uses:

  • Clean, cleanse, and recondition growing media
  • Clean and cleanse soilless systems
  • Clean water pumps, piping, reservoirs, and dosing systems
  • Clean drip emitters
  • Clean cloning machines
  • Clean and cleanse trimming machines and equipment
  • Clean hand tools and instruments
  • For general maintenance
  • For disease prevention and healing
  • For treating chemical, nutrient, and salts lockout like the presence and scent of mint!

How To Use:


  • REGULAR: 2 ml of Enzymes Komplete™ per 1 liter of water / 6-8ml per 1 gallon of water for all use.
  • EXTRA CONCENTRATE: 3 ml of Enzymes Komplete™ per 1 liter of water / 12ml per 1 gallon of water for all Heavy Gardening Cleaning & Cleansing Procedures
  • HEAVY DUTY: 4 ml of Enzymes Komplete™ per 1 liter of water / 16ml per 1 gallon for of water all Gardening Media, Surfaces, Compost Enclosures, etc.
  • FLOWERING STAGE: DO NOT EXCEED .5 ml of Enzymes Komplete™ per 1 liter of water / 2ml per 1 gallon of water for all use during the flowering stage.

Undiluted Enzymes Komplete™ Natural Enzymatic Cleaner is recommended for rapid & effective cleaning, soaking & cleansing procedures.

Measure well and accurately with a basic medical syringe, dropper, or measuring cup.



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