EZ-CLONE Infinity Collar

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The most sustainable solution for eco-conscious growers, the infinity collars are designed for EZ-CLONE cloning systems and protect roots during transportation. Infinity collars are a step above your average foam collar, not only are they reusable but they do not absorb any water or bacteria protecting your clones from harm. The FDA food-grade compliant silicone is one of the most sterile materials on the market, sterilization can be done by hand-washing, machine-wash, boiling, bleaching, and more. Available in 2, 16, and 128-packs  

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EZ-CLONE Infinity Collar

The EZ-CLONE Infinity Collar is the world’s #1 reusable plant cloning collar that is the choice for Agricultural and University research labs. The EZ-CLONE Infinity Collar is made of silicone and is FDA food-grade compliant– which has the highest sterilization and reusability rating known in the market. This is an exceptional choice of cloning collar for those seeking top-grade sustainable solutions. You can wash, machine-wash, boil, microwave, bleach, and even place it in your pressure cooker or oven to sterilize!

Custom-designed specifically for EZ-CLONE Aeroponic Cloning Systems. EZ-CLONE Infinity Collar makes it easy to insert and remove plants without disturbing the roots.

The EZ-CLONE Infinity Collar comes in 2-Pack, 16-Pack, and 128-Pack options.

  • Will not absorb water or bacteria
  • Many ways to sterilize: wash, machine-wash, boil, microwave, bleach, and oven-safe
  • Designed and manufactured in California
  • Earth-approved



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