Garden Cloche Plant Dome

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The Garden Cloche Plant Dome is an extremely handy piece of gardening equipment that has many uses! It protects young outdoor plants from frost and pests and increases humidity for young plants and or transplants. In effect, the garden cloche creates mini-greenhouses around your plant that lets light through but preserves heat and humidity inside. Kickstart your seedlings outdoors earlier and prevent frost damage with the garden cloche plant dome. Includes small holes in the brim to stake to the earth. Also fits perfectly on top of standard 3.5 and 5-gallon buckets or our GrowBright Clone Bucket to protect delicate clones!
Measures: 12" diameter x 11.75 hight  

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Plastic Plant Cloche – UV Resistant & Reusable

Protect your plants from the elements with our reusable plastic garden cloche. This simple but effective gardening tool helps to provide young plants with a more favorable environment and protects them from animals, pests, and the weather so you can plant earlier with peace of mind. Control temperature and humidity easily with the dome’s adjustable air vents. Keep them closed to conserve heat and provide a frost-proof barrier in the early season, and open them up to provide more airflow when it’s warmer. The dome can also be secured to the ground with pegs or stakes (sold separately) using the pre-punched holes in the brim. Plant earlier and get more from your garden with the handy plant cloche!

Cloning Applications: In addition to general garden use, the garden cloche plant dome also fits perfectly on top of standard buckets. This makes the dome a great tool for gardeners using bucket type cloning machine systems such as the GrowBright Cloner Bucket. The dome retains humidity levels for clones while allowing maximum light penetration, which helps to provide better conditions for clones to focus energy on root growth and development.

Garden Cloche Features:

• Crystal-clear poly construction
• UV-resistant & reusable
• Adjustable top vents
• Pre punched holes for securing to earth
Measures: 12″ diameter x 11.75 height

Why Use a Plant Cloche?
• Plant Earlier for better harvests
• Protect from frost
• Retain warmth and humidity
• Protect from pests and animals


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  1. Andrew Moubray (verified owner)

    We got twenty of these for our bucket garden because the cold seemed to linger a long time this year and there aren’t many options available. We have tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, cucumbers, and okra which have gotten a good head start.

    The cloches fit a five gallon bucket snugly. You have to put them on holding the bottom rim, because they can’t bear much weight. They do stay on well. High winds didn’t knock them off and the guinea birds only knocked one off. We left them on and just watered through the vent holes on the top; the vents can be opened and closed as you need.

    They are made of a plastic similar to a two liter bottle, just thicker. One had a factory defect and HTG replaced it quickly with no fuss or bother.

    I just took them off today (hopefully for the summer) and several of the plants had grown to fill them. The tomatoes and eggplants are very large for mid-May. The peppers and cucumbers are decent sized. The okra is still small, but healthy.

    Having searched for something similar, this appears to be one of two options. Both are similar priced, but you can order them in lots of ten from HTG (on a desktop, but not a phone for some reason). That makes for about a 30% savings versus buying them individually. They cost more than the buckets, but they are worth it because they make the buckets FAR more useful.

    Five stars.

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