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BioRoot by General Organics is an organic root-boosting plant supplement used to create a dense root system in your plants. BioRoot works its best when its applied to seedlings, cuttings, and vegetative plants. BioRoot can be used with all garden soils, potting mixes, and other growing mediums.

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  • Promotes dense root growth
  • Beneficial for seedings, cutting, and vegetative plants

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Formulated for vigorous root systems

With a unique blend of plant-derived nutrients, sea kelp, mined minerals and mined mineral derivatives, BioRoot contains essential elements that are designed to give your seedlings, cuttings and vegetative plants the strong start they need to flourish.

Meet Your Potential

Young plants require well-established and robust root systems in order to reach their full potential in later growth stages. BioRoot is designed to give those fledgling roots the foundation they need to be vibrant and vigorous. Use BioRoot with any garden soil, potting mix or other growing media.

Highly recommended for cuttings and transplants!


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