GrowBright 315w Ceramic Metal Halide Bulb – 3000K


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Get more for less with the GrowBright 315w ceramic metal halide bulb. Designed to maximize the benefits of CMH & LEC lighting systems, the GrowBright 315w ceramic metal halide bulb provides an enhanced ceramic spectrum with excellent efficiency for an unbeatable price. Advanced ceramic arc tube design allows the GrowBright 315w ceramic metal halide bulb to deliver beneficial UV and far red output, while its PGZ18 or pin-type base and universal burn position make it fully compatible with the most popular CMH systems including vertical fixtures such as the Sun System LEC 315 and HTG Supply Armour. SPECS:

  • 3000K
  • 33,000 lumens
  • 15,000-hr
  • UV & far-red output
  • Universal burn
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GrowBright 315w CMH – 3000K

Maximize your flowering growth with the GrowBright 315w Ceramic Metal Halide 3000K. With a 33,000 lumen output, enhanced 3000K bloom spectrum, beneficial UV & far-red wavelengths, and cooler operation than other HID lights, the GrowBright 315w CMH goes toe to toe with industry-leading brands in providing growing power. Get with all the benefits of CMH lighting while saving that money with the GrowBright 315w CMH. Grow Bigger – Grow Better – GrowBright!


• System compatibility – 315 watt digital / C18210
• Base type – PG18 / PGZ18 / PGZX18
• Color Temperature – 3000K
• 33,000 Lumens
• 15,000-hour average lamp life
• Beneficial ultraviolet (UV) & far-red output
• Universal burn
• 1-year warranty


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