GrowBright 6 Inch HEPA Filter


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These High-Efficiency Particulate Air (or HEPA) air filters are perfect for pretreating incoming air or filtering outgoing air in your grow room or grow tent! Simply attach to your ventilation system (fan, grow light reflector hood, tent flange, etc) and reap the benefits of clean air! Use to treat air coming into your grow room by blocking 90% of mold spores and 99% of all insects from coming in through your ventilation system. Also very effective at keeping glass on air cooled reflectors exceptionally clean by first filtering the air before it passes through them. Opt for the black CARBON containing model and reap odor control qualities of a carbon filter! Durable and washable, these HEPA filters will get the job done and last long time with simple regular maintenance.
The super tight synthetic HEPA weave has been uniquely formed for the maximum air flow by using opposing dual con technology. The specialized HEPA fibers do not allow penetration from particulate matter while allowing for incredible air flow. These HEPA air filters will reduce 90% of all molds and bacteria and 99% of all insects from entering your grow room through the intake fan.

Super Easy to Install and Maintain:
To install, simply slide the rubberized inlet collar over the inlet (or outlet) vent port of your grow room ventilation system. They may be attached directly to a High Velocity Inline fan, Rigid Tent Flange, Air Coolable Reflector Flange or ducting. Secure the filter by tightening the worm type clamp provided. This along with the heavy duty rubberized inlet collar will create an air-tight seal.


Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8.25 × 10 in


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Air – Water – CO2


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