HTG Supply Cloning Tent Kit

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Clone your heart out with the HTG Cloning Tent Kit. Assembled for growers who want to expand their cultivation, the kit features an Ez-Clo Low-Pro 64 site cloner, an AgroMax Short Stack grow tent to house it, an 8" ventilation kit to regulate temperature and circulate air, a GrowBright Hygrometer-Thermometer to monitor the tent climate, and a few #10 scalpels to get you started. Cloning takes advantage of a plant's natural functions and resilience, by simply taking and caring for a cutting, you can grow an exact genetic match to your parent plant! Need any extra materials? Check out the rest of our cloning products for more gels, tools, and propagation lamps.  

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HTG Supply Cloning Tent Kit

Build a personal army of clones with the HTG Cloning Tent Kit. Built around the wildly popular EZ-Clone Low-Pro 64 or 32 site cloners, this tent kit includes everything you need to start cutting clones from your favorite plants today! An AgroMax Short Stack Grow Tent is used to house the cloner, creating a microclimate and locking in light to support and grow your crops. an HTG 2′ 4 Lamp T5 grow light provides the illumination and passive heat clones need to thrive. Additionally, the basic 8” ventilation setup circulates fresh air within the tent and vents out heat, preventing overheating and guaranteeing proper respiration for the clones. Step up your clone game today with the HTG Cloning Tent Kit.

Why Clone?

Have buddies breathing down your neck about your next harvest? Happen upon a well-performing plant you want to replicate? Filling out a garden space and need more plants? Cloning solves all three! When a plant is cloned, the parent plant’s exact genetic information is passed on through the cutting, meaning the new cutting will copy all characteristics of the parent plant. Wielding this power, you’re able to propagate dozens of plants without the need for seeds or the trial and error of strong genetics.

Default Kit Specifications

  • One (1) AgroMax Short Stack Grow Tent
  • One (1) EZ-Clone 64 Site Low-Pro Cloner
  • One (1) Thermometer Hygrometer
  • One (1) 8″ Inline Fan + Flange
  • Two (2) #10 Scapels


Weight 40 lbs


Product Category

Grow Tents

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