HTG Super Foam Tie




Keep your plants supported and comfortable to ensure a long, sturdy growth period with HTG Super Foam Tie. Whether you’re encouraging new growth to reach for the sky, bending or staking, or stabilizing tall plants, Super Foam Tie will secure your growth and protect against winds and heavy growth.

Choose from sizes:

• 3.5mm x 10 Meter
• 3.5mm x 25 Meter
• 5mm (Extra Thick) x 76 Meter


Our Super Foam Tie comes in both 10m, 25m, and 76m rolls which you can cut to your preferences. One tie pack is enough to support multiple plants. The advantage to Super Foam over string or twist ties is the foam itself! It works by gently securing plants with padded tie that does not cut into stems like string or twist ties would. The tie’s green color blends seamlessly into your other flora, serving as your plants’ backstage backbone. Whip your plants into shape and get training today with HTG Super Foam Tie.



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