HTG Supply Arm Guard Gardening Sleeves

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Work in style with HTG Supply's ultra-protective Arm Guard Gardening Sleeves. Our sleeves create a protective barrier that shields your skin from sunburn, scratches, chemical irritation, resin build-up, and other elements you might encounter in the garden. Each sleeve is designed with a thumb hole and an anti-slide rubber ring for a secure and comfortable fit. Made with a blend of polyester and spandex, the moisture-wicking material keeps you cool and dry for all-day use. Perfect for gardening, harvesting, outdoor use, and more.  

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HTG Supply Arm Guard Gardening Sleeves

The Arm Guard Gardening Sleeves deliver superior protection from wrist to elbow.

PROTECTION FROM THE ELEMENTS: The days of skin irritation, scratches, and sunburn are gone. These full-coverage sleeves create a barrier that protects you from scratches, chemicals, and resin build-up as you work. Made with UPF 50+ protection materials that block out 98% of harmful UV rays.

COMFORTABLE, SECURE FIT: When it comes to long hours working in the garden, comfort is of the essence. Each pair of sleeves are designed ultimately with user comfort in mind. The built-in thumb holes prevent the sleeve from rolling down as you work. An anti-slide rubber ring on the top of the sleeves keeps the sleeve secure without digging into your skin. Comes in a small and large size for the perfect fit.

BREATHABLE, MOISTURE-WICKING FABRIC: Our sleeves are crafted with a high-quality blend of polyester and spandex that feels light and breathable on your arms. The moisture-wicking material keeps sweat at bay and dries quickly for added comfort.

RAPID COOLING TECHNOLOGY: Even during the hottest temperatures, these sleeves keep you cool while still providing full coverage. The rapid cooling effect makes these sleeves feel cool to the touch for a pleasant wearing experience.


Size Bicep  Cuff Length
Small 9+” 7+” 19″
Large  11+” 8+ 19″




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