Hydro-Logic TDS Pro in/out PPM Monitor


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The HydroLogic TDS Pro PPM Monitor measures and displays the amount of unpurified water going in the reverse osmosis system and the purified water going out. At just a quick look the TDS monitor shows you the performance of your RO system, no guessing required! The Pro model features a large water-resistant screen and comes with durable shielded cables to withstand any work environment.

  • Displays water in and water out
  • Indicates when to change RO membranes
  • 1/2" inlet and 3/8" outlet

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Hydro-Logic TDS Pro in/out PPM Monitor

The Hydro-Logic TDS Monitor measures unpurified water PPM going in to reverse osmosis system and purified water PPM coming out.

  • Monitors the performance of your RO system
  • Instantly displays values and allows you to switch back and forth between dirty and clean water TDS
  • Indicates when it’s time to change the RO membranes
  • Pro model features a larger, more water-resistant display and shielded cables
  • ½” inlet and ⅜” outlet designed to be used with the Evolution-RO


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Dimensions 6.5 × 1.5 × 1.5 in

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Air – Water – CO2


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