Marijuana Indoors: Five Easy Gardens


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Get the inside scoop as Jorge Cervantes follows 5 different growers and their growing process from start to harvest, teaching you everything you need to know about growing indoors. No details are spared as Cervantes enlightens readers on how to set up a grow room, HID lighting, ventilation installation, electricity costs, yield, and cost per ounce. Each page lays out information in an easy-to-digest format filled with informative illustrations and photographs making it perfect for the beginning grower to the more advanced.

  • Author: Jorge Cervantes
  • Print Length: 143 Pages
  • ISBN-10: 1878823272 ISBN-13: 978-1878823274

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Marijuana Indoors: Five Easy Gardens

If you really want to know exactly how to grow a garden from beginning to end, this is the book for you. Jorge chronicled five different growers from beginning to end. He lists everything they use to layout and construct their grow room including all the prices for everything. He also clues you into all the facts and figures and how to achieve the gram of dried sinsemilla per watt of HID light. Get the inside story from five growers. Every last detail on their grow operation (except location) – how they harvest heavy crops of potent marijuana indoors. They tell everything-how to choose a safe house, build a grow room & cloning chamber, install ventilation, hydroponic gardens & grow lights.

Sixty full-color photographs, more than 80 black & white drawings, charts, and graphs illustrate the text. An index and an indispensable appendix of formulas and conversions are also included.

About the Author:

Jorge Cervantes is a world-renowned expert on marijuana cultivation, hydroponics, and gardening. Cervantes puts more than twenty-five years of expert cannabis growing knowledge at your fingertips with numerous books, articles, and photographs. His expert advice has helped hundreds of thousands of growers worldwide turn simple effective indoor and outdoor horticultural techniques into high-yield gardens. In “Jorge’s Rx”, his question/answer column in HIGH TIMES magazine that is read by more than a million growers every month, Cervantes solves growers’ problems with definitive clarity.


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