Nutrient Syringe


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Nutrient Syringes are a helpful tool in any grower's arsenal. The Nutrient Syringe is a 60ml applicator that can be used to provide controlled nutrient delivery to your plants. The Nutrient Syringe is fit with a luer lock that helps to prevent any spillage that could occur during use.

  • 60ml capacity in 2ml measuring intervals
  • Perfect for accurate and controlled nutrient delivery
  • Last through many plant cycles without needing replaced
  • Prevents spillage through use of a luer lock

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60ml Nutrient Syringe

For accurate nutrient measurements and water sampling, make use of a Nutrient Syringe! Their simple construction, ease of use, and 60ml capacity with 2ml measuring intervals takes the guesswork out of feeding your plants. Simply insert the tip into0 While designed for single use in medical applications, our Nutrient Syringes will last you through many plant cycles before needing to be replaced. A Luer Lock tip prevents spillage and enables the affixiation of various tips, while a broad handle and plunder make operation easy, even while wearing gloves. Take better control of your crops’ food and pick up a Nutrient Syringe today.


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