Osram Sylvania ZELION HL300 Grow White LED

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Osram ZELION HL300 LED grow lights offer one of the industry's most intuitive designs with fully tunable capabilities and 100W - 600W dimming adjustments. Designed and built to spec by Osram, ZELION HL300 grow lights combine unmatched output µmol/s per watt with a cutting-edge optic lens system for superior growing power. Ideal for all horticultural applications, HL300 fixtures are engineered to withstand the harsh environments of large commercial greenhouses and comfortable for use in hobbyist gardens as well. A compact design makes the ZELION HL300 easy to install anywhere and produces minimal shadow footprint in greenhouse applications as compared to other fixtures in the same class.

  • Ultra-efficient PAR output @ 2.4 micromoles per watt.
  • Optional USB to RS Converter and OSRAM software for full spectrum customization.
  • Power Specs: 100w-600w (0.83-5A @ 120v), Dimmable 0-100%

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The difference between the HL300 Grow Light and the HL300 Grow White is the addition of white LED’s to the latter. We all know photosynthesis relies mainly on red and blue light wavelengths, but we also know that light effects plant functions other than just photosynthesis. Therefore, plants need full-spectrum lighting to ensure the best growth, and this makes the HL300 Grow White model a better option if you’re looking for a primary or light source. Although the Micromole per watt rating of the Grow White is slightly trimmed, the full-spectrum white LED’s of the HL300 Grow White provide plants with the balanced light they need to grow to their full potential.

Osram is well known as one of the world’s top LED chip producers and considered to have the best horticultural LED portfolio, which is why many top LED Grow Light companies are now using Osram chips in their fixtures. What makes the ZELION HL300 LED grow light different is the fact that it was engineered and finely tuned by Osram to operate their LED chips and achieve maximum performance. This unit boasts up to a 2.0 micromole per joule rating along with an extremely low diode degradation rating (L85B10 at 50,000 hours). This rating states that at 12 hours a day, this LED will only lose 15% of its initial intensity over the course of 11.4 years! Osram’s performance-focused design also features their proprietary advanced optic system that provides an extremely even light spread unrivaled by conventional lens types. With better efficiency than a 1000w HPS Grow Light, superior coverage capabilities, and dynamic controls, the HL300 is one of the most versatile and best-performing LED grow lights available.

The Osram ZELION HL300 is also UL listed and backed by a 5-year full replacement warranty, which shows that Osram is committed to offering only the highest level of quality and safety. See more details below, and please feel free to contact us with any questions.

ZELION HL300 Grow White Key Features & Benefits:

  • Optimized full-spectrum output
  • UL Listed!!!
  • Comes in 3 fixture options with specialized spectra to meet the needs of a broad range of horticulture applications
  • Utilizes specialized OSRAM LED technology for superior performance and life
  • Dynamic control allows for optimization of spectral composition and PAR intensity
  • Optimum efficiency in the delivery of photons per watt when compared with other LED class horticulture fixtures
  • Uniform light distribution (optical system patented)







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