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LED strip lights are great for adding light to a garden. Small enough to fit almost anywhere. AgroMax LED strip lights feature Generation-3 TRI-BAND technology which is proven to grow plants. The unit has 126 Red, 18 White and 18 Blue LEDs rated at 20w. Diodes operate at a 90-degree angle.

Light Emitting Diode (L.E.D.) technology is the absolute newest technology in plant growth! These lights represent the cutting edge of horticultural lighting. LED lights are currently being used by NASA for growing plants in outer space!

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AgroMax 4′ LED Strip Lights – Tri-Band

AgroMax LED strip lights offer cool operating temperatures, extended lifespan, and precise horticultural spectrum. Efficiency and affordability make these lights well suited for a variety of horticultural applications, especially seed starting and supplemental lighting, as well as full-term growth for smaller plants. Each unit is a convenient stand-alone light fixture, complete and ready to grow with a high-efficiency reflector, 6′ power cord, on/off switch, and mounting hardware.

AgroMax 4′ LED strip light fixture
6′ 120v power cord
mounting/hanging hardware

AgroMax 4′ LED Strip Light Specs

  • Measures approx: 48″ Long x 1″ Wide x 1.5″ High
  • Electrical: 20 watts | .16A @ 120V
  • 162 6500K LED’s – simulates natural daylight
  • Complete fixture
  • Footprint: 90° viewing angle
Weight 3 lbs



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