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The Rapitest Soil Tester comes complete with five individual testing vials: two each for pH and one each for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash. Test results are compared to the included printed color chart.

  • Quickly assess the nutrient and pH quality of your soil without any expensive meters.
  • Their patented color comparator system makes identifying pH and NPK levels simple.

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For gardeners already familiar with soil testing, you’ll appreciate the unique, patented, specially designed “color comparator” and capsule system, that make quick work of testing. For those of you new to soil testing, you will appreciate this easy, fast and fun way to achieve better-growing results from your gardening efforts!

Everything is color-coded, including the color comparator films and capsules. All you do is take a sample of soil, mix with water, transfer some of the solution to the color comparator, add powder from capsule, shake and watch the color develop. Then, note your test results. Fast, easy and it only takes a few minutes!


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