Real Growers Recharge Soil Conditioner

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Add new life and supercharge your soil with Real Growers' Recharge. Recharge is an instant compost tea filled with the best nature has to offer including beneficial microbes, kelp, molasses, mycorrhizal, and l-aminos which creates bigger, strong, and more flavorful plants. Mix half a teaspoon of Recharge with a gallon of water and apply weekly for a nice boost. Works well on clones/seedlings, transplants, and vegetative and flowering plants.  

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Real Growers Recharge Soil Conditioner

Recharge is more than just an instant compost tea. It brings dead soil back to life and adds new life to your soilless media. When you water with Recharge, you get bigger roots and better nutrient absorption for your plants.

Made from the best stuff in nature:

  • Beneficial Microbes Our consortium of specially selected microbes go straight to work on your soil, making it the ideal environment for your plants to grow in. They take dead soil and bring it back to life. Give your plants the help they need to access more of the water and nutrients in your soil. The microbes in Recharge keep your plants well fed and watered so they grow big and strong.
  • Kelp We take the fastest growing plant on earth, and transfer its growth hormones directly into your soil. This means your plants get that same benefit. They’ll grow faster and fuller, with less effort on your part.
  • Molasses Your plants naturally produce small amounts of sugar that feed the microbes in your soil. The microbes, in turn, go out and get food to bring back to your plants. It’s a symbiotic relationship. The more sugars the microbes get, the more food they can bring back to your plants. Molasses gives your microbes the energy to get more food and water to your plants, and store it for when your plant needs them most.
  • Mycorrhizae Mycorrhizae attach themselves to your root system, seeking out water and nutrients your roots wouldn’t normally be able to access. They help create a more expansive root system, ensuring your plants can get the most out of whatever soil you put them in. Bigger roots mean bigger fruits.
  • L-Aminos These little guys are the building blocks of life. Add them to your soil for stronger, healthier, more resilient plants. They also help with secondary metabolites. This means you get flowers with more aroma and fruits with more flavor.

How to Use Recharge

Mix it with your water. Pour it on your plant. Let Recharge do the rest.


  • Gets more food and water from your soil to your plants
  • Helps regulate pH levels around your root zone
  • Keeps your roots strong and vibrant
  • Great for both traditional soil and soilless media
  • Provides the perfect growing environment for your plants
  • Without the mess of brewing your own compost tea

Mix half a teaspoon of Recharge with one gallon of water. Give it to your plants as a once-a-week treat. Use it right away. Pour whatever’s left on any problem spots you might have on your lawn.

Recharge is easy to use and will never burn your plants or grass.



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