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GE Lucalox™ XO 400 watt HPS bulbs provide powerful growing output for a great price. Designed to deliver extra output and well-balanced color temperature, these bulbs are a bargain buy and a great option for use with any 400-watt high-pressure sodium lights. The GE Lucalox bulb follows the same general tubular design and size format for 400w HPS bulbs and features an E39 mogul base to accommodate the socket size featured in almost all grow lights.

  • Universal burn position also allows the GE Lucalox to be used in a wide range of grow light reflectors or fixtures. 
  • 2100K spectrum is excellent for flowering plants.
  • Power: 400w.

In stock


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GE Lucalox™ XO High Pressure Sodium lamps offer outstanding luminous efficacy, lumen maintenance, and long life, thus reducing energy and replacement costs. 

Features & Specifications:

  • Output:  56,500 lumens
  • CCT:  2100K
  • Operating position:  universal
  • Model:  LU/400/XO/T/39
  • Dimensions:  215mm x 162mm x 349mm
  • E39 Mogul Base
  • Designed specifically for plant growth
  • Brighter than standard HPS lamps
  • Made in Hungary
  • 1-year warranty
Weight 2 lbs

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