Roots Organics Uprising Grow




Uprising Grow by Roots Organics is an organic, dry nutrient used to promote vigorous growth in plants. Uprising Grow is designed to be used during the vegetative stage of growth for optimal sized harvests. Uprising Grow is the second step in the 3-part nutrient system.

  • (6-1-2)
  • Promotes vigorous vegetative growth
  • To be used in the vegetative stage before Uprising Bloom


Roots Organics Uprising Grow is a diverse blend of 100% natural and organic ingredients specially formulated for maximum results. This formula is effective alone as an amendment or as a top dress for encouraging vigorous growth.

Use it in conjunction with Roots Organics Uprising Bloom during a plant’s flowering phase or combine it with Roots Organics Uprising Foundation to create a powerful supplement.

The Uprising System

Uprising Grow, Foundation, and Bloom: The Uprisings are comprehensive assortments of dry organic food sources, put together in a way to stimulate growth, fruit/flower production, and to provide a foundation of macro and micronutrients. These products appeal to organic minded people, but are also a good choice for those looking to save as much money and time as possible. Uprisings can be used to top dress in addition to liquids, or as the sole amendments to an entire crop. Anybody making a super-soil mix should probably just read the ingredient list on Uprising Grow, Foundation, and Bloom. We already did most of the work for you.



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