SmartBee Water Content Sensor



The SmartBee Water Content Sensor has been specifically designed to deliver the benefits of timed feedings by monitoring the volumetric water content of your medium.  

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Through multi-point monitoring, knowing how much water your plants actually use is the key to delivering their exact water needs. The SmartBee Water Content Sensor allows you to log and aggregate data from multiple test sites for analysis, creates more decisive plant management based on drydown times and root zone temperature, and with that maximizes the efficiency of your irrigation system.

• Supports up to six SmartBee Water Content Probes (includes one).
• Sensor Probes are IP67 rated (buriable and waterproof up to one meter)
• 6’ cable with 1/8″ TRRS connection
• Ideal for Rockwool, Soil, Coco Fiber (Coir), and most pre-mixed mediums
• Excess garden light solar charges the internal Li-Ion battery to extend the period of time before recharge is needed
• Wireless data transmission for “Real-Time” environmental readings.
• “Easily installs into any existing garden configuration with wireless mesh technology.



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