Soul Peak

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Soul Peak by Aurora Innovations is a liquid formula used to boost phosphorus and potassium levels in your crop. Soul Peak encourages strong, high-quality blooms. Soul Peak is most effective when used as a finisher, but can be used to drastically increase the potassium and phosphorus levels in plants at any time if needed.

  • (0-10-7)
  • Designed for use as a finisher or PK booster
  • Increased strength and plant quality

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Soul Peak

This bloom finisher offers a big PK boost. Peak makes a great finisher but can also be used whenever a large boost of phosphorous and potassium is required. Also includes alfalfa extract that is a natural source of nutrition to boost yield

Soul Peak contains distinctive botanical extracts, as well as ample phosphorus and potassium to encourage only the strongest flowers. Years of research and extensive testing have resulted in a truly unique PK formulation that enhances the vigor of plants during their blooming phase. Soul Peak supports the development of intense features and show-quality blooms in your favorite flowers.


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