Technaflora Liquid Humus Humic Acid Supplement – 1 Liter


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Technaflora's Liquid Humus is a densely concentrated source of humic acids that aid in nutrient uptake in plants. Compromised of 15% technical humic acid derived from the salts of Leonardite,  Liquid Humus is a 100% all-organic solution with fast results. Not only does Liquid Humus boosts permeability in plant membranes for easier nutrient absorption, but it also improves water retention in dry environments.

  • Great for soil and hydroponic applications
  • Contains 15% technical humic acid
  • Size: 1 liter

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Technaflora Liquid Humus Humic Acid Supplement – 1 Liter

Liquid Humus™ is an unsurpassed natural and organic source of concentrated essential nutrients, vitamins, and trace elements. Technical humic acids aids plants to best utilize the vitamin and nutrient benefits of a complete feeding program. These complex molecules are formed as organic matter decays and occur naturally in soils, peat, oceans, and fresh waters.

Highly concentrated Liquid Humus™ is a 100% organic solution of 15% technical humic acids extracted as salts from a soft coal called Leonardite. Humic acids are able to chelate metals, notably iron, facilitating easier absorption by plants. Liquid Humus™ increases the permeability of plant membranes and the buffering capabilities of the medium, promoting the uptake of nutrients. Excellent for use in both hydroponic and soil environments, humic acids can be especially beneficial in dry areas by aiding in water retention. With the systematic application of Liquid Humus™, the results are lush, healthier plants with faster growth, more vigor, and larger yields.

Application Rates:

Humic acids should be mixed into water or solutions having a pH of 6 or more. A lower pH will make humic acids less soluble.

It is important not to overuse Liquid Humus because of its reversionary effects.

  • Soil Application: Can be used alone or mixed with nutrient solutions. For house or greenhouse tents use 0.5 ml or 10 drops per liter (quart) of water every watering, or use up to 10 ml (2 tsp) per liter (quart) of water for a single application once per growing season.
  • Hydroponics: Use up to 0.5 ml to 1 ml, or 10 drops per liter (quart).
  • Transplanting: Use up to 10 ml ( 2 tsp) per liter (quart) of water or nutrient solution.
  • Foliar Applications: Can be mixed with trace element solutions or other nutrient solutions at a rate of up to 10 ml (2 tsp) per liter (quart) of water.


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