5 Gallon Ultra Oxy Pots





Ultra Oxy Pots, also referred to as ‘air pots’ (a particular brand) are reusable growing containers that actively enhance the quality of plant root systems using the air pruning technique. This revolutionary approach to containerizing gardening produces robust, non-spiraling root systems that are impossible to develop with any other grow pots.

  • Measurements: 13″ diameter x 12″ high
  • Premium air-pruning planter/container for soil or soilless medium
  • Unique design stimulates robust root zone development for healthier plants, faster growth, and bigger yields
  • Durable recycled• HDPE construction – can be used over and over
  • Primes plants for transplanting and reduces the risk of transplant shock
  • Minor assembly required


Ultra Oxy Pots – Air Pruning Planting Containers

Unlike growing bags, standard nursery pots or grow pots, Ultra Oxy Pots have no flat surfaces that allow root spiraling. Ultra Oxy Pots are cylindrical in shape with egg-carton-like contours. This unique design may look unusual, but it is actually the key to enhancing the air pruning pot technique. The concave or inward pointing cones direct roots into the convex cones which are open at the tips. When roots reach the opening and are exposed to air, apical cells at the root tip dehydrate or become air-pruned. Plants respond to air-pruning by generating more roots in the inner root mass to compensate for the loss, which quickly leads to the development of a dense radial root system that will produce healthier, higher-yielding plants. Better roots mean bigger fruits!

Ultra Oxy Pots are constructed of durable recycled• HDPE that holds up to the elements better than similar pots and they can be reused for many grow cycles. Their unique collapsible design also reduces transplant shock and stores easily as an added bonus. Ultra Oxy Pots can be disassembled from around the medium when it’s time to transplant, which disturbs the root zone less than any other type of grow pot. All of these features combine to offer the ultimate intelligent container design. Ultra Oxy Pots aren’t just smart pots, they’re pure genius!






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