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HTG Supply 4 Foot 4 Lamp High Output T5 Fixture
HTG Supply 4 Foot 4 Lamp High Output T5 Fixture

T5 fixtures are fast becoming the preferred lighting systems for many plant growers. They are bright enough to grow ALL types of plants. They are very versatile and can be used as seed starters/propagation lighting and as a full term light taking your plants from beginning to end. Safe and cool, these lights do not have a hot, single blinding point of light like H.I.D. lights and are safe used in schools or other environments where H.I.D.'s are undesirable.

T5 fixtures can also supplement existing H.I.D. systems providing needed light spectrums that the H.I.D. bulbs lack. Examples are to add "cool" blue spectrum T5 light to gardens using High Pressure Sodium's orange/red spectrum or add "warm" red spectrum T5 light to supplement Metal Halide's blue/white spectrum. You may also choose to use T5 lights as side lighting for your plants to help them fill out better underneath their top canopy.

Comes complete with your choice of:

TWO (2) T5 High Output (F54T5HO) GROW SPECTRUM 6400K Fluorescent Bulbs AND TWO (2) T5 High Output (F54T5HO) BLOOM SPECTRUM 3000K Fluorescent Bulbs. OR ...
FOUR (4) T5 High Output (F54T5HO) GROW SPECTRUM 6400K Fluorescent Bulbs OR ...
FOUR (4) T5 High Output (F54T5HO) BLOOM SPECTRUM 3000K Fluorescent Bulbs.
This allows you to customize the lighting spectrum for your plant growing application!
About this system:

Overall Dimensions: 47" Long x 10" Wide x 3" Deep
Choice of 4' High Output 6400K GROW BULBS (F54T5HO) and 4' High Output 3000K BLOOM BULBS Included.
High Output bulbs have extremely high lumen per watt rating - 5,000 lumens per bulb! This system emits an incredible 20,000 lumens of a wide full-spectrum of light!
T5 bulbs are available in different light spectrums to allow for customization of light spectrum.
Lamps emit very little heat, allowing you to hang the fixture very close the the plant canopy. Since this unit runs so cool, you can place the light right on top of your plants - THIS DRAMATICALLY INCREASES YOUR YIELDS!
T5 bulbs have an outstanding 24,000 hour life expectancy (one year is 8,760 hours) and unlike sodium or halide bulbs, a T5 loses very little of its' light output over its' life.
Solid State DIGITAL Electronic Ballast emit very low heat and is virtually SILENT.
MULTI-VOLT Electronic Ballast operates on 120 Volt (household current) or 240 Volt AUTOMATICALLY! 10' Grounded Plug plugs into standard household receptacle.
Top Quality Highly Reflective 95%+ polished Aluminum Reflector for Maximum Light Output unlike competitions unpolished "tin" type reflector.
Locking Lamp Sockets hold lamps in place properly and will not allow for the lamps to fall out.
Lightweight and Easy to Hang
Chrome Hangers inlcuded with every light.
Best Price for a High Output T-5 Grow Light Fixture ANYWHERE!
Standard 2 year warranty

This is not a cheap run-of-the-mill Shop Light! This is a High Output Grow Light that will turn any indoor garden into a tropical jungle!

This delivers the light output you need while using less energy and keeping your electric bill low.
This 4 Bulb T5/High Output was specifically engineered, designed and manufactured to produce the high light levels that plants need!

his systems mirror-like reflector delivers maximum light output to your plants! The high-tech reflector reflects and redirects light emitted from the bulbs downwards to grow your plants. Cool operating T5 High Output lamps can be placed very close to the tops of your plants without burning them while providing the most intense light possible.

This is a very versatile system.

SEED GERMINATION, CLONING and CUTTINGS! It’s intense light output grows seedlings and cuttings straight and true. The Far Red Light emitted from the 3000K Bloom bulbs is perfect for seed germination!
ONLY 47” Long- Fits standard shelves that are normally less than 4’ long!
This 4 Light High Output T5 can replace a 400 w Metal Halide while producing the same light intensity while using almost Half the Electricity
Obtain Lush Compact Vegetative Growth with the Daylight spectrum produced by the 6400K Grow Bulbs!
Experience Explosive Flowering Growth with the RED Light produced by the 3000K Bloom Bulbs!
Keepin' it Cool! Replace HOT High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D lamps like HPS - High Pressure Sodium and MH - Metal Halide) lights.
Fill out your entire plant from TOP to BOTTOM by using this light as a side light! Placing this fixture beside your plants allows the bottom of your plant to grow completely.
Can be used to Over Winter warm weather/tropical Plants!
Grow Light Fixture hangs from Chrome Hangers.
It's Powerful Output Gives MORE GROWTH!

This light is a very inexpensive way to grow strong, healthy, robust plants with high intensity light. It's powerful enough to be used for full scale production. It runs very cool, so you can intensify light output by putting the light very close to the tops of your plants.

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