In this Video, the Doc shows you how to transfer your Clone into a larger grow pot. He uses a Coir Soil mixture under and around the Clone. Coir prevents the soil from turning to mud, and instead it will keep the soil nice and moist. Be sure to put some of the Coir mixture at the bottom of your new grow pot since the roots need the room to grow down. You want the soil to be equal to the TOP of the roots.



Okay I have a clone that I took with the clone bucket here, so I’m gonna take it out of this plug you can reuse those. You’re gonna put this into this little pot here now the roots like to grow down. So what I’m gonna do is hold this plant off of the bottom and I’m gonna pour some soil in around the roots here. Roots like to go down so you don’t want to stick this all the way in the bottom so by holding it up the roots can then continue to grow down into the soil. I have a claw potting soil mix here, you want the soil layer to be about the same height as where the roots come out and the leaves come out so basically the roots go below the dirts and the leaves should stay above the dirt and it looks something like that. Now once you’re done putting it in the soil you want to make sure you keep the soil moist not soaking wet but these cuttings here have a very small underdeveloped root system so they’re gonna need, okay they’re gonna have a hard time taking up water so keep the soil damp not soaking wet but don’t let it dry out and you should have good success with your cuttings.

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