Advanced Nutrients Mother Earth Super Tea Grow

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Mother Earth Super Tea Grow Organic OIM is a liquid supplement that promotes a great-tasting, quality crop. Mother Earth Super Tea Grow Organic OIM contains the correct types and exact amounts of nitrogen and other key nutrients that encourage vigorous growth. Mother Earth Super Tea Grow Organic OIM is an Organic product that gives plants a unique taste, smell and aroma.

  • Increases the smell and taste of flowers
  • Promotes vigorous growth
  • OIM certified organic

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When you want to give your crops a special drink that’s full of organic substances that create natural nutrition, you need Advanced Nutrients Mother Earth Blended Organic Super Tea.

This rich broth contains an exotic, effective blend of sea proteins, vitamins, earthworm castings and other constituents that bring the fertility of rich old growth forest floor to your garden. You might not know that the soil or hydroponic media you’re growing in lacks the full spectrum of nutrients and beneficial bacteria present in unspoiled natural soil, but most growers need to use products like Mother Earth Blended Organic Super Tea so they make their crop’s root zone into a place of greater bioactivity and fecundity.

Our Organic Super Tea is manufactured so that it’s appropriate for outdoor crops, for greenhouse crops, and for crops grown indoors using rockwool, lavarock, sphagnum moss, aeroponics, drip emitters and other methods. This rich tea is most useful during the second half of crop growth, and will create more vigor, higher yields, and better quality agricultural products.

Mother Earth blended organic Super Tea Grow provides your plants with many of the natural supplements, nutrients, and vitamins that are not available to plants when using today’s man made chemical fertilizers. Mother Earth Super Tea bridges that gap to provide all the missing elements as well as beneficial bacteria your plants need for strong sustained bloom production.

Mother Earth Super Tea Grow enhances fragrance, taste and oil production of flowers and fruits. Use Mother Earth Super Tea Grow outdoors to revitalize depleted soils in flower and vegetable gardens. Mother Earth Super Tea Grow is a complete organic fertilizer by itself and can be used through all phases of a plants flower production cycle. It’s the best of what Mother Nature has to offer.


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