AgroMax Plasma Grow Light – 300 Watt


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The AgroMax Plasma Grow Light generates light by exciting plasma using radio frequency (RF) power. The 300-watt AgroMax Plasma Grow Light emits a full spectrum, which includes UVB for the most natural spectrum available. Studies have shown that seedlings and cuttings under full-spectrum plasma grow lights develop better than other traditional indoor grow light sources like HID (HPS/MH) and Fluorescent (CFL, T5HO). Increased lateral branching and higher yields highlight the plasma grow lights benefits for plant growth. Wattage: 300 watt Dimensions: 21 1/4" long x 13 3/4" wide x 6" high Product is covered by a 14-day money back guarantee  

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AgroMax 300 Watt Plasma Grow Light

Plasma. The Sun is made up of burning plasma, which gives Earth its life-giving sunlight. The AgroMax Plasma Grow Light is like a mini-Sun for your grow room. Plants have evolved over millennia to grow under natural sunlight. The AgroMax Plasma light is as close to real sunlight as you can get artificially.

Your plants will love the benefits of the most natural spectrum available indoors, and you will love the benefits of the Plasma light. The 300 watt LEP light source is built tough with Solid State circuitry and no moving parts in a completely sealed housing for reliability. The ultra-reflective aluminum reflector produces an even, square light footprint for excellent coverage over your garden. There is little to no radiant heat from the light source allowing you to place the light closer to the tops of plants without burning them – which increases light intensity for better plant development.


Wattage: 300 watt
Voltage: 120-240v
Current: 3.3A max (@120v )
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 21-1/4″ long x 13-3/4″ wide x 6″ high

Product is covered by a 14-day money back guarantee
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