AgroMax PRIME 600w Flower LED Grow Light


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The AgroMax Prime 600w Flower LED grow light is built to replace and outperform 1000w HPS grow lights in high-value flowering crop applications. This evolution in the PRIME series combines the massive PRIME heat sink with Samsung LM301B 3500K chips and selects 660nm red chips to increase output targeted for flower development and yield. Featuring a 4' x 5' footprint and 1524 µMol output, Prime 600 Flower is equipped to deliver explosive flowering potential as well as huge savings in energy costs. Additional features include a low-profile plug-and-play design as well as a moisture-resistant conformal coating, making the PRIME 600w Flower an ideal high-efficiency LED lighting solution for both home and commercial use. Features: - Complete 600w LED fixture - 100,080 lumens | 1524 µmol - PPFD Efficiency: 2.54 micromoles per watt (μmol/w) - Chips: Full-Spectrum Samsung LM301B 3500K | Supplemental 660nm Red - Premium Mean Well driver - Compatible with 120-277v input voltage - Measures: 46" L x 6" W x 5" H - Power Specs: 606w, 5.5A @ 120v 14-Day Product Guarantee. All sales final.  

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AgroMax PRIME 600w Flower LED Grow Light

PRIME your grow with a true LED alternative to 1000w HPS fixtures. Equipped with the latest in horticultural LED advancements, the PRIME 600w Flower LED grow light delivers a 1524 µMol output, a 4′ x 5′ footprint, and the potential for explosive flowering growth. The system operates with a true 600w power draw, making it both a cost-effective and maintenance-free lighting solution for home or commercial growing. Between its reduced power consumption, lower cooling requirements, and freedom from yearly bulb replacements, the PRIME LED offers the potential to save multi-light facilities hundreds, even thousands, every year. Just one PRIME 600 Flower fixture on an 18/6 light cycle will use 216KwH less than a 1000w HPS fixture every month. That’s money in the bank.

PRIME Flower Spectrum

The PRIME Flower 600 features a careful array of Samsung LM301B 3500K white chips interlaced with 660nm red that provides a full-spectrum base with narrow-band red light. This combination of white light and red wavelengths is specifically targeted for increased flowering production and produces a PAR output 11% higher than previous PRIME models. Equally as important, the system’s dimmable Meanwell driver backs up its AgroMax LED panels, pushing every single micromole out of the top-bin LED chips with reliable efficiency.

PRIME Construction

For extended fixture life, the PRIME 600 features a 20-POUND fanless aluminum heat sink that dissipates the heat generated by LED chips. This massive heat extends the useful life of the LED chips, prevents burnouts, and operates silently. Moreover, it is the key that allows the AgroMax PRIME 600 Flower to produce an ultra-intense 1,524 µmol output in a concentrated area.

To keep the whole fixture safe in damp cultivation environments, a conformal resin coating is applied to protect circuitry and diodes from moisture, dirt, and humidity. A vented steel enclosure also helps to shield the ballast from direct contact with water spray.

Grow with confidence using the PRIME 600 Flower, the prime LED grow light solution for high-value crops.


• Next-generation SMD LED technology
• Samsung LED LM301B & 660 Red chips with Meanwell driver
• 3500K + 660nm Red Flower spectrum
• Conformal Coating
• Industrial-grade aluminum heat sink
• Dimming controller ready

Specs List:

• Power: 606 watts
• Voltage: 120-277 volts
• LED: Samsung 3500K LM301B Chips | 660 Red
○ Application Recommendations:
○ Vegetative recommended height 28″, covers up to 6.5′ x 6′
• Flowering recommended height 22″, covers up to 5′ x 4′
• 1524 micromoles (μmol/PPF) | 2.54 micromoles per watt (μmol/w)
• 100,080 lumen output
• Measures: 46″ L x 6″ W x 5″ H

14-Day Product Guarantee. All sales final.


Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 49 × 12 × 9.5 in


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