AgroMax Soft Plastic 6-Inch Trellis Net

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Provide support to your plants and make harvesting a breeze with AgroMax's Trellis netting. Features a 6" reach-through mesh made with durable plastic built to withstand the heaviest of crops. Trellis netting is perfect for the flowering and blooming stages, protecting your crops to deliver earlier and bigger harvests. Best of all AgroMax's Trellis Netting is economical and a breeze to install, making it ideal for commercial and home-growers alike. Comes in a range of sizes from 4' x 8' all the way up to 4' x 3280'.  

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AgroMax Soft Plastic 6-Inch Trellis Net

The AgroMax Soft Plastic Trellis Net maximizes the potential of your crops and adds structure to your garden. Use it to train plants to grow in the desired direction, support heavy crops to keep them standing upright, and protect plants from insects and other harmful damage. Trellis netting is simple to install and works for any gardening environment. Apply it either horizontally or vertically depending on what you’re looking to achieve. When you’re done with the trellis netting just fold up and stow it away, the heavy-duty plastic is durable enough to be used for multiple seasons. Comes in a variety of sizes to fit your needs, including a 3.5″ or 6″ reach-through mesh size.


  • Use in indoor and outdoor gardens, greenhouses, grow rooms and more.
  • Apply the AgroMax Trellis Netting vertically with support stakes to promote vine-like growth to plants and provide support to keep your plants upright and healthy.
  • Also known as the ScrOG method, spread the trellis netting horizontally to train crops to grow out and allow light to distribute evenly.


  • 6-inch mesh squares
  • Made with durable heavy-duty plastic
  • Ideal for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, and other vining plants
  • Available Sizes: 4′ x 8′, 4′ x 16′, 4′ x 50′, 4′ x 100′, 4′ x 3280′, 6′ x 3280′
  • Also available in 3.5″ mesh size



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