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AutoPot 1/2" inline pro filters attach seamlessly to AutoPot systems for an extra safeguard against impurities in water that can cause buildup in your planting sites. The filter assembly features a filter chamber with removable cap where filter cartridges (not included) can be inserted, and 1/2 barbed connections on either end for attaching the filter to the tubing.

  • Standard 1/2" fittings
  • *filter cartridges not included

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AutoPot 1/2″ Inline Pro Filter

Pro Filter introduces growers everywhere to the levels of adjustability and customization favored by commercial facilities. Different filter inserts can be used providing the grower with different micron options depending on their growing demands.

Whilst professional growers demand precision they also require products that are durable, reliable and easy to maintain. Pro Filter was designed with these qualities in mind.

The filter has a larger, drum-shaped filter area and a higher micron element for added protection against blockages. Its larger size makes dismantling and cleaning simple

The 1/2” inlet of the ProFilter is connected to your system via a standard 1/2” Green Hose Connector (not supplied). The 1/2” Green Hose Connector on the inlet end of the ProFilter may then be connected to 1/2” pipework running from your FlexiTank or FlexiTank Pro.

The filter resides within the body of the fitting. It reduces impurities in the water before it enters the pipework connected to the AQUAvalves trays and pots. This helps prevent the build up of sediment and the clogging of pipework.

The 1/2” outlet of the ProFilter is pushed onto another standard 1/2” Green Hose Connector (not supplied) The 1/2” Green Hose Connector on the outlet end of the ProFilter may then be connected to 1/2” pipework running onwards to your system.

***Please note – ProFilter is only suitable for systems that run 1/2” pipe from the FlexiTank or FlexiTank Pro.***


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