CenturionPro Mini Trimmer Machine

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Designed for small home growers, the Mini Trimmer from CenturionPro brings commercial-grade trimming to homes. This small yet mighty machine is a powerhouse, producing up to 35 lbs of wet flowers, and up to 7 lbs of dry flowers per hour. The Mini trimmer essentially produces the same quality and quantity of work 28 human workers, saving you in the long term for labor costs. Includes mesh food-grade hopper, 1.5 HP leaf collector, and CenturionPro's proprietary trim collection system.

  • Ideal for small-sized operations
  • Wet: 35 lbs/hr | Dry: 7 lbs/hr
  • 6 Amp - 110V NA

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CenturionPro Mini Trimmer Machine

The Mini is one of the most sought-after machines on the market and packs quite the punch replacing 28 human trimmers without sacrificing quality. With a processing speed of 35 lbs wet or 7 lbs dry per hour of use, the Mini is nothing but a powerhouse and is perfectly suited for small to medium size operations looking to streamline their process.

Upgrade your CenturionPro trimmer with a Quantanium tumbler and variable speed control. Quantanium uses multiple coats of uniquely blended titanium particles to produce a nonstick tumbler surface that is resistant to scratching, abrasion, and wear. With a Quantanium tumbler, trichomes will not stick to the surface of the tumbler, which means you end up with a higher-potency product that has a superior aesthetic appeal.

Trimmers can also be equipped with variable speed control, which allows for enhanced versatility to better trim any strain, regardless of flower size, shape, or density. Variable speed control lets you customize your trim–simply slow the speed for more delicate, dry buds, or increase the speed for a tighter trim for wet products.


  • Input Voltage 6 Amp – 110V NA
  • 3 Amp – 220V EU/AUS
  • Dimensions 25” L x 10” W x 24” H
  • Weight 65 lbs
  • Tumbler Diameter 6.5”
  • Cuts Per Minute 25,000
  • Blades Per Reel 11


  • Input Voltage 14 Amp – 110V NA
  • Dimensions 19” L x 19” W x 16” H
  • Weight 60 lbs
  • Horse Power 1.5 hp
  • Airflow Capacity 2000 CFM

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