Commercial Air Pump – 951 GPH



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The Elemental Solutions 951 GPH O2 Commercial Pump is used to help effectively oxygenate a hydroponic system. The 951 GPH O2 Commercial pump is housed in aluminum alloy, and includes 6 output dividers.

  • Powerful motor with reliable air diffusion
  • Wear-resistant cylinder and piston
  • Aluminum alloy housing
  • Includes 6-outlet divider and ? ID connection tubing

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The Elemental Solutions 951 GPH O2 Commercial Pump’s powerful electromagnetic motor pushes 951 gallons per hour to provide reliable output for air diffusion devices. It features high-quality aluminum alloy housing and a wear-resistant cylinder and piston. The 120-volt, 41-watt O2 Commercial Pump includes a six-outlet air divider and 1/4-inch-ID connection tubing. The air divider is compatible with 3/16-inch-ID tubing (available separately). The O2 Commercial Pump features a one-year warranty.

Weight 5 lbs


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