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Hydro A and B by CX Horticulture is a two-part nutrient system used to promote vigorous growth in plants. CX Hydro A and B are liquid nutrients designed to be used in hydroponic growing systems. CX Hydro A and B have been carefully crafted to promote vigor in your plants, while also helping them thrive in hydroponic environments.

  • A (2-0-1) and B (1-4-4)
  • Contains nitrogen and potash

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A powerful hydro nutrient system for growers who want to skyrocket their yields and achieve maximum production!

Do you get the maximum results from your current fertilizer? CX Hydro removes the uncertainty from growing plants hydroponically. The country’s leading agronomists have developed CX Hydro as your perfect hydroponic solution.

As the colloidal exchange capacity of a typical soil situation cannot be replicated by a typical hydroponic solution, your plants must have the best hydroponic nutrient on the market. The energy captured during the exclusive Hot Mix technology process will be released into your growing solution.

With CX Hydro, your plants will be supercharged with unrivaled vigor. CX Hydro base nutrients deliver powerful results, and are incredibly easy to use. For the best results, follow the brand’s feed chart.


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