Duct Muffler 10 Inch



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A Duct Muffler can make your indoor gardening fans significantly quieter and can reduce the noise heard from room to room. The 10″ Duct Muffler reduces noise by up to 25 dBA; a reduction by 3dBA cuts a listener’s perception of sound by half! This Duct Muffler is easy to install, connect to existing duct work, doesn’t restrict airflow, and requires no maintenance.  ***Some assembly required***

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GrowBright Duct Mufflers for HV Fans and Cabon Filter Systems

Keep your high-velocity fans quiet with duct mufflers. HTG Supply mufflers are built with the same acoustic foam used in recording studios, which absorb and muffle the noise created from fans. Grow rooms can benefit from this in multiple ways, it keeps your tent discreet and it is less loud to work inside. High-Intensity Discharge lighting needs to be kept cool with high-velocity fans which pair perfectly with duct mufflers.

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Dimensions 41.12 × 12.5 × 12.5 in


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