Floraflex Matrix Pad 12.5-14.5 Inch – Pack of 12


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Upgrade your watering routine with the FloraFlex 12.5-14.5" Matrix Pad. This innovative, non-woven mat revolutionizes plant care by wicking water and nutrients directly to the top of the soil, unlike traditional capillary pads. Part of the FloraFlex Matrix System, this pad ensures even distribution for optimal plant growth. Simply place, connect, and watch your plants thrive! Comes in a pack of 12.  

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Floraflex Matrix Pad 12.5-14.5 Inch – Pack of 12

Experience the next level of plant care with the FloraFlex Matrix Pad. This lightweight Non-Woven Capillary Mat revolutionizes the way you water and nourish your plants. Traditionally, capillary pads are placed underneath plants, but FloraFlex has innovated the Matrix Pad to absorb water and wick it to the top of the medium, delivering water and nutrients evenly. Choose the Matrix Pad that matches your pot’s diameter and unlock the full potential of your plants with the Top Feeding Wicking System.

Key Features

  • Top Feeding Wicking System: The FloraFlex Matrix Pad is a vital component of the patent-pending Matrix System, which introduces the first-of-its-kind Top Feeding Wicking System. This groundbreaking system ensures the most efficient and even delivery of water and nutrients to your plants, promoting exceptional growth and vitality.
  • Easy Installation: Setting up the FloraFlex Matrix Pad is a breeze. Simply place the pad on the surface of your plant, position the Matrix Unit on top, press down firmly to secure them together. Insert the Circulator into the center holes of the Matrix Unit and connect your 1/4? OD tubing to the Circulator. Let your plants enjoy the benefits of the Top Feeding Wicking System


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Dimensions 12.5 × 12.5 × 1 in

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