General Hydroponics Armor SI




Armor Si by General Hydroponics is a blend made with Silica and Potassium to promote a stronger, more stress resistant yield. Armor Si can be used in a variety of systems including hydroponics, soil, and soilless to name a few. Armor Si ca also be used as a growth enhancer in addition to your regular fertilizer.

  • (0-0-4)
  • Can be used in a range of growing situations
  • Strengthens plant through Silica and Potassium
  • Encourages stress resistance in plants


Resistance Is Beautiful
Armor Si delivers the benefits of Silica and Potassium; increased plant strengthening and stress resistance leading to increases in agricultural production (yield). Beneficial in hydroponics, Coco-Coir and soilless blends, potted plants in prepared soils as well as for garden cultivation. May be used as a growth enhancer in addition to your regular fertilizers. Use mild solution for young plants, perennials, and as a foliar spray. Use full strength solution for fast growing annuals during foliar and structural growth, as well as flowering and fruit production. Silica benefits: Strengthens plants, improving plant stature which leads to advantageous exposure of leaves to light. Improves stress resistance, drought tolerance, heat and cold stress tolerance. Potassium benefits: Improves plant growth including structural and foliar growth, increases yield, and improves flower and fruit production.



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